Flags friendship LIBERLAND + GUATEMALA – odznak vlajky přátelství


Šířka: 26mm, výška: 17mm
Tloušťka odznak: 2mm
s hřebíčkem: 10mm
s čepičkou: 10,2mm
Čepička, průměr: 12mm

Dostupnost: 24 skladem

Odznak vlajky přátelství LIBERLAND + GUATEMALA z obecného kovu, barevný, přípínací do klopy saka.


Flags friendship LIBERLAND + GUATEMALA


Badge flag friendship Liberland + Guatemala from the base metal colored to the buckling lapel.
Production of badges friendship. State flags, banners State Czech repupliky zraele as a symbol of Czech-Israeli friendship.
dimensions badge


Badges friendship LIBERLAND + GUATEMALA


Width: 26 mm
Height: 17 mm
t. badge: 2 mm
with cloves: 10mm
the cap: 10.2 mm
The cap
diameter: 12 mm
Height: 5.5 mm
Cloves (PIN)
The cap (hat)
Badge embossed, printed

This example is a separately manufactured coined badge, cutting out (carved) with irregular outlines of two plapolavých flags.
On the badge is applied subsequently printed.
It is a badge difference whether the hand-painted or printed is visible when viewed at an angle contours in contour markings are hand-painted in metal color. The contours are formed by the metal into the spaces is then manually applied paint.
advise flags

Advise hanging flags, wearing … Left side – home flag (important) on the right side – visit.
Combination of flags friendship

It can produce any combination of flags for this kind of badge can be printed any variation of any state, or even clubs in any color combination.
To produce badges flags used embossing and printing, it is also possible to use a combination embossing painting or manufacture of badges embossed enamel.
Surface, gold, silver

Manufacture of badges for flags, pennants is possibly coated with gold, gold ink which is either a galvanic deposition or already used in the manufacture of brass sheet, so in the future can not peel the badge. PRI-quality gold plating, surface treatment badge will catch patina (incorrectly Patyna). Gilded badges or darken after 50 years
Wall so can be used to manufacture flags badges surface silver plated or silver plated LAKOVANY or use rhodium.

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